For information on reaching a crisis or peer support hotline, please visit the "Crisis Support" page.

Please note that we are a Michigan based company.

While there are some national resources on this page, most of the resources provided are specific to Michigan.


Berrien County

OutCenter SW MI

Offers a wide range of health services, support groups, community events, and victim advocacy.

Grand Traverse County

Polestar LGBT Center

Provides support groups, advocacy, and education services.

Kalamazoo County

OutFront Kalamazoo

Community Center for the LGBTQ+ community which provides a safe space, resources, support groups, and hosts community events.

Kent County

GR Pride

Provides various services such as support groups and victim advocacy.

Lotus Coffee Brew

LGBTQ+ coffee & tea shop/ mocktail & gay dry bar banned book cafe. Host community events, and hosts a queer support group (every 3rd Saturday)

GR LGBTQ+ HealthCare Consortium

Helps to improve healthcare access, experiences and services for LGBTQ+ people and decrease the disqualification of experiences and existence.

Midland County

Great Lakes Bay Pride

Provides inclusive sexual orientation and gender identity/expression education, advocacy, networking, and resources.

Oakland County

Transcend the Binary

Provide support groups, advocacy, and connection to inclusive providers such as doctors, therapists, and fitness trainers.


Offers a wide range of health services, support groups, community events, and education learning labs.

MiGen Michigan LGBTQ+ Elders Network

Offers an array of programs and services intended to make the lives of LGBTQ+ folks ages 45+ safer, more connected, more vibrant and more FUN.

Ottawa County

Out on the Lakeshore

Community center for the LGBTQ+ community to provide programming, resources, support, and education to LGBTQ+ people and allies.

Ottawa Area Center for Pride

Community Center for the LGBTQ+ community which provides a safe space, resources, support, and hosts community events.

Wayne County

LGBT Detroit

Provides support groups for the LGBTQ+ community, and provides education and advocacy.

Link-Up MI

Connects HIV-positive individuals, living in Michigan, to medical and non-medical services and support groups.

Ruth Ellis Center

Offers a wide range of health services, housing/shelter support, community events, and career development. Focuses on LGBTQ+ youth.



Provides advocacy and resources for LGBTQIA+ seniors.

Autism and ADHD

Oakland County

Autism Alliance of Michigan

Staffed by autism professionals and specialists in areas covering education, clinical, insurance, employment, legal and safety, among others.

Easter Seals Autism Services

Assists with children's services as well as assists with job connection, financial, housing, and other various programs for adults.

Washtenaw County

Autism Collaborative Center

Provides assistance with speech therapy, occupational therapy, ABA, and groups for children.

Full Spectrum Agency for Autistic Adults

Offers coaching services, peer support groups, and community resources.


Children and Adults with ADHD

Advocacy and connection to local resources, such as coaching services, financial services, legal services, parent support, scholarships, and more.

Cultural Specific Programs


Arab Community Center for Economic & Social Services

Provides assistance with finances, immigration, basic needs, translation services, employment assistance, youth recreational programs, health and wellness resources, and more.


Centro Multicultural La Familia

Provide culturally specific services to Latinx and/or Hispanic individuals. Assist with victim advocacy, case management, peer support groups, document translation, and more.

Wayne County

Black United Fund of Michigan

Organization providing youth programs, career development programs, financial programs, and health and wellness programs.

Black Family Development, Inc

Provide various case management and social work services, including providing assistance with mental health, community engagement, juvenile justice, family restoration and support, and substance abuse services.

Black Caucus Foundation of Michigan

Provides programs which improve the economic circumstances and quality of life for Michigan’s African American citizens, such as youth summer programs, life skills training, and more.

Mia Family Services

Organization serving the South Asian Community for crisis Intervention and Prevention. Also provides assistance in navigating through the legal system by helping with paperwork, and connection with various resources.

Arab Community Center for Economic & Social Services

Provides assistance with finances, immigration, basic needs, translation services, employment assistance, youth recreational programs, health and wellness resources, and more.


Wayne County

Kevin's Song

Provides resources for support groups, advocacy, health care, mental health support, crisis support, and more.


Michigan Association of Suicide Prevention

Provides resources for education, prevention, support groups, and hosts events such as the suicide prevention walk.


American Foundation of Suicide Prevention

Provides resources for education and prevention, assistance with locating support groups, locating mental health support, and more.

To Write Love on Her Arms

Provides assistance with connecting to resources for self-care, support groups, counseling services, and crisis services.

Misc. Resources

How to Talk About Suicidal Thoughts: Simple Strategies for Parents and Friends

YouTube video

Socioeconomic Concerns

Find Help: A website, similar to 211, which helps locate local resources based on your zip code. Examples of resources included are health care, child care, food assistance, housing assistance, clothing and other household supplies, transit assistance, financial assistance, legal aid, and employment assistance.

MI Bridges: Apply for assistance with obtaining insurance, food assistance, WIC, emergency relief, child care cost assistance, and cash assistance.

Michigan Poverty Task Force: List of local offices which assist with poverty concerns, such as assisting with unemployment, housing, and rehabilitation.

Northwest Michigan Coalition to End Homelessness: Assistance with connecting people who are experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing homelessness, to housing assistance and other services. 

Detroit Phoenix Center: Provides shelter, assistance with homelessness and homelessness prevention, assistance with education and employment, and more.

Neighborhood House: Provides assistance with food, clothing, finances, transportation, and various sustainability services such as parenting classes, computer literacy classes, and employment assistance.

Franklin-Wright: Provides assistance with food, utilities, early childhood development, after school programs, and summer programs for children.

Child Care Network Family Support Program: Provides assistance with paying for child care.

Community Housing Network: Provides housing resources,  homebuyer education, and assistance with protecting savings for those with disabilities.

Team Wellness Center: Provides assistance with housing, employment, legal aid, laundry and shower facilities, medical/dental/mental health services, and substance use services.

Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency: Provides assistance with housing, employment, financial wellness, utility assistance, veteran support, and more.

Oaks Village: Provides assistance with shelter, food, medical care, furniture, clothing, skill building classes, and various youth programs.

Debbie's Closet: Provides assistance with basic needs, such as clothing, food, shelter, and finances.

National Network for Youth: Assistance with helping youth learn how to obtain necessary legal documents.

Bridges Employment Services & Training: Provides clothing for interviews and work, internships, and job development and placement programs.

Career Dress: Promotes the economic independence of low/moderate income women in Southeast Michigan by providing professional attire for women actively seeking employment.

Jackets for Jobs: Provides career skills training, employment etiquette and professional clothing to job seekers.

Help's on the Way: Provides assistance with clothing and food.

House by the Side of the Road: Provides assistance with clothing, bedding, household items, shoes, and toys.

Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Vision

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services: Provides education and advocacy services, as well as interpreter services and Youth Programs.

Deaf Community Advocacy Network: Provides interpreter services, behavioral health services, services for senior citizens, as well as an HIV case management services program.

Lions of Michigan Foundation: Provides financial assistance and services to uninsured and financially struggling residents with the treatment of vision problems, eye conditions and eye diseases.

Sight Clinic: Provides free vision exams, free glaucoma screening & free or low-cost eye-glasses.

ReSpectacle: Glasses recycling service where glasses are donated and are cleaned, categorized, and loaded into an online database to be redistributed to under-served individuals & communities.

Seedlings Braille Books for Children: Low cost/discounted braille children's books.

iCanConnect: Provides free equipment and training for people with both significant hearing and vision loss.

Macomb Library for the Blind and Print Disabled: Provides audio books and players, large print books, equipment that enlarges text, equipment for printing Braille materials, and more.

Sexual Assault/Domestic Abuse

Haven: Provides shelter, counseling, advocacy and educational programming

LA VIDA Partnership: Provides legal resources, advocacy, prevention services, Personal Protection Order services, youth services, and support groups.

Sasha Center:  Intended to assist African-American women survivors. Offers peer educational support groups, Prevention and Education, and Community Programs.

Domestic and Sexual Abuse Services: Provides emergency shelter, victim advocacy, Person Protection Order services, support groups, and more.

Center for Victim & Survivor Services: Provides victim advocacy, survivor-centered direct services, and community education. 

Women's Resource Center: Provides assistance with shelter, transitional housing, support groups, advocacy, victim compensation, and basic needs resources. 

Men Exploring Non-Violent Solutions Group - Second Chance Counseling: 39-week Batterers Intervention Program for men (court ordered or voluntary) who have used violent, abusive, and controlling behaviors.

Lakeshore Legal Aid: Provides a range of free civil legal services to people who are low-income, seniors, and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Substance Use/Addiction

Michigan Department of Health & Human Services: Contact information to access publicly funded substance use disorder treatment, problem gambling counseling, and mental health counseling; and contact info for assessments or classes required due to a substance use related traffic offense.

Office of Substance Abuse: Provides parenting classes and resilience skill–building. Also offers case management, outpatient and residential treatment, peer support, and recovery housing.

Care of South Eastern Michigan: Provides prevention services, outpatient and residential treatment, peer support, parenting classes, and employment assistance.

SMART Recovery: Provides free support groups for individuals struggling with addiction or addictive behaviors, as well as an online message board for additional support.


United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan: Assistance with obtaining wheel chair ramps, assistive technology, advocacy and assistance with obtaining social security, Medicaid/Medicare, and more.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis of Michigan: Provides assistance with support groups, medical assistance loans, workshops, Respite Care Services, referrals and resources, and more.

UAW-Ford Community Outreach: Assistance with obtaining a low-cost wheel chair ramp.

Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers Program: Volunteers who provide assistance to older and disabled neighbors. Assist with tasks such as transportation and errands, home repairs, meal preparation, support calls. 

Michigan Alliance for Families: Helps to connect families of children with disabilities to resources to help improve their children’s education, and provides printed, electronic, and multimedia information/resources.

Michigan AgrAbility: Helps farm operations adjust to manage disabling conditions, such as, arthritis, chronic back pain, joint injuries, amputations, spinal cord injuries, hearing loss and any other condition that may limit a farmer’s ability to work.

Cerebral Palsy Guide: National organization that assists families by offering information about cerebral palsy, and offers connection to various resources such as support groups, financial support, and assistance with finding medical care.

Human Trafficking

Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force: Offers advocacy, peer to peer self-help group for survivors, and connection to access available services.

Women At Risk International: Provides assistance with getting connected with safe houses, vocational training, medical aid, emergency intervention, and more.

Hope Against Trafficking: Provides rent-free housing and services focused on the physical, mental, spiritual and economic needs of female survivors of trafficking.

Sparrow Freedom Project: Provides assistance with food, clothing, emergency housing rental costs, transportation, and other basic needs. 

The Joseph Project: Connects survivors to pro-bono legal services. 

Covenant House: Empowers young people to overcome homelessness and trafficking. Provides crisis housing, employment assistance, and independent living programs.

Polyamory/Ethical Non-Monogamy

Poly Friendly Professionals: Provides resources for finding poly-aware and poly-friendly professionals, such as therapists, legal aid, medical support, spiritual support, real-estate, and more.

Metro Detroit Polyamory: Provides links to educational resources, and hosts community/social events.

Poly Ann Arbor: Provides links to educational resources, and hosts community/social events.

Practicing Polyamory Podcast: YouTube Channel


Full Spectrum Agency for Autistic Adults: Offers workshops and consultation services.

Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Offers webinars and continuing education specific to ADHD.

Religious Trauma Institute: Continuing education related to Religious Trauma. 

The Affirmative Couch: Continuing education related to working with the LGBTQIA+ community, poly/ethical non-monogamy, kink community, and more.

Institute for Relational Intimacy: Continuing education related to polyamory, sexual trauma, desire discrepancy, and more.

The Juniper Center: Continuing education related to grief, gaming disorders, mandated reporting, gender and sexuality, polyamory, and trauma.

Zur Institute: Continuing education related to addiction, abuse, gender and sexuality, racial trauma, autism, suicide, grief, PTSD, domestic violence, and more.

Alan Robarge: Provides coaching and consulting services related to relationships and attachment trauma, also offers a community support program.